Release 0.4.4


  • Supports -l, --log-level LEVEL option to specify log level. (@ykubota++)

Plugin API Changes

  • Added Exec.isPreview() method which returns true if the transaction is running in in preview mode.
  • Added util.OutputStreamFileOutput class.
  • util.FileOutputOutputStream requires CloseMode at the constructor.
  • When Embulk::DataSource#prop returns a String, Array, or Hash value, it returns a copy of the value.
  • When Embulk::DataSource#prop returns a Hash value, it returns DataSource instance.

Plugin SPI

  • Changed local variable name processorIndex to taskIndex.
  • Changed local variable name processorCount to taskCount.

Built-in plugins

  • Added gzip encoder plugin.

General Changes

  • preview runs filter plugins in addition to input plugins.
  • Fixed a problem of guess where guess plugins ignore formatter properties (such as charset) guessed by other guess plugins (@hiroyuki-sato++).
  • Log messages include “transaction”, “resume”, “cleanup”, or task index at the header.
  • Timestamp in log messages include time zone.

Release Date