Release 0.5.2

Built-in plugins

  • parser-csv plugin supports skip_header_lines parameter to skip first some lines.
    • header_line parameter is obsoleted. Although the parameter still works for backward compatibility, setting both header_line and skip_header_lines becomes configuration error.
  • guess-csv plugin guesses first ignorable lines and sets skip_header_lines parameter automatically.
  • guess-csv plugin guesses quoted column names correctly.
  • formatter-csv pugin supports delimiter parameter (@hiroyuki-sato++).
  • output-stdout fixed warning messages due to double-release of buffers.

General Changes

  • Improved error message when double-release of a spi.Buffer is detected.
  • Fixed preview when a filter plugin changes schema (@llibra++).
  • Fixed infinite loop at Embulk::FileOutput#flush (@goronao++). It happened if a formatter plugin written in Ruby writes more than 32KB of data.

Release Date