Release 0.6.12

Plugin API

  • Plugins can use both config[:key] (task[:key]) and config['key'] (task['key']).
  • Added Embulk.logger for Ruby plugins

Built-in plugins

  • guess-csv plugin does not raise exceptions when a file has only 1 line
  • parser-csv shows number of lines using 1-origin indexing rather than 0-origin

General Changes

  • Guessing skips files smaller than 40 bytes so that guessing works when there is an empty file at the beginning.
  • Uses ANSI color for log messages
  • Uses logback instead of log4j for logging backend
  • Added spi.Exec.isPreview() as an alias of spi.Exec.session().isPreview()
  • Plugin template for Ruby uses Xxx instead of XxxInputPlugin for the class name so that class name matches with file name.
  • When parsing timestamp fails, exception message includes the original text (@yyamano++)

Release Date