Release 0.6.14

Built-in plugins

  • formatter-csv plugin supports default_timezone and column_options parameters so that we can set timestamp format for each columns individually.
  • IMPORTANT: formatter-csv does not use the same timestamp format with input timestamp columns. If you’re using formatter: type: csv with parser: type: csv-, you need to set format option for each columns to keep using current behavior. See column_options option of CSV formatter plugin described at Configuration.
  • guess-csv plugin keeps using delimiter option if already set rather than to overwrite it everytime.

Plugin API

  • Added config.DataSource#remove(String) method.
  • Added spi.ColumnConfig.getOption().
    • spi.type.TimestampType.getFormat() is deprecated.
    • spi.ColumnConfig.getFormat() is deprecated.
    • spi.ProcessTask does not serialize TimestampType.format any more.
  • Added utility methods for spi.Schema and spi.SchemaConfig.
    • Added Schema.Builder class and Schema.builder() method.
    • Added Schema#lookupColumn(String).
    • Added utility methods to SchemaConfig.
  • Added spi.time.TimestampFormatter.Task and TimestampColumnOption
    • TimestampFormatter.FormatterTask is deprecated
  • Added spi.time.TimestampParser.Task and TimestampColumnOption
    • TimestampParser.ParserTask is deprecated
  • spi.time.TimestampFormat is deprecated

General Changes

  • Fixed a problem where embulk shows input plugin name and version twice to log.

Release Date