Release 0.6.17

General Changes

  • ‘-‘ in generated plugin name is replaed to ‘_’.
  • Package name of generated java plugins changed from org.embulk.<category> to org.embulk.<category>.<plugin name>.
  • Generated plugin templates use recommended utility classes by default.
    • java-decode template generator uses InputStreamFileInput.
    • java-encoder template generator uses FileOutputOutputStream.
    • java-file-input template generator uses InputStreamTransactionalFileInput.
    • guess method of generated java-input plugin returns empty config diff rather throwing an exception.

Java Plugin API

  • Added spi.Exec.getTransactionTime().
  • Added spi.util.Timestamps utility class. This method is useful to create TimestampParser and TimestampFormatter which are configurable by users.
  • Added spi.util.InputStreamFileInput.Opener interface to open single file.
  • Added spi.util.InputStreamFileInput() with InputStream to use a pre-opend stream.
  • Added spi.util.InputStreamTransactionalFileInput for convenience of FileInputPlugin.

Ruby Plugin API

  • Added FileInput#to_java and FileOutput#to_java.

Release Date