Release 0.6.9

Built-in plugins

  • formatter-csv supports quote, quote_policy, escape, newline_in_field, and null_string options (@sakama++)
    • quote_policy controls how to quote values. It can be either of ALL (quote all values), MINIMAL (quote if a value includes delimiter or quote character), or NONE (never quotes).
    • escape controls how to escape quote character in a quoted string. The default is " (" will be ""). Some applications may set it to \ (" will be \")
    • null_string controls how to write NULL values. The default is "" (empty string). You can use any strings such as \N or #N/A.
  • guess-csv guesses columns which contain only 0 and 1 in first 32KB as long type rather than boolean type.

General Changes

  • spi.util.LineEncoder uses buffered writer. This improves performance of formatter-csv upto 10%.

Release Date