(Copied from an old post in the embulk-announce mailing list.)

Hi Embulk users,

We’ve just published Embulk v0.9.0-ALPHA!

Although it does not contain “new features” in v0.9.0, it includes almost all the “incompatibilities” expected in v0.9.0. You can try this v0.9.0-ALPHA for checking compatibility issues in your environments.

Download : https://dl.bintray.com/embulk/maven/embulk-0.9.0-ALPHA.jar

If you see problems which are not listed below, please report the problems in out GitHub Issues : https://github.com/embulk/embulk/issues

Incompatibilities introduced in v0.9.0-ALPHA:

1) v0.9.0 no longer supports Java 7. v0.9.0 works only on Java 8.

2) Some older versions of some plugins may not work since some SPI/API are removed.

See https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/embulk-announce/QDbRekBr1WA

3) v0.9.0 parses time zones (especially for summer time) in a bit different way.

v0.8 interpreted time zones with Joda-Time’s TZ database. v0.9 interprets with JVM’s (Java 8) java.time TZ database.

4) Embulk would be no longer released as a gem (embulk.gem).

Bundler users: you need to change your Gemfile-s.

For proper Embulk releases, use :

gem 'embulk'

For pre-releases like this 0.9.0-ALPHA, use

gem 'embulk', '= 0.9.0.alpha'

This is because embulk.gem is not published, but embedded in embulk-0.9.0-ALPHA.jar in a gem structure.

5) Ruby (gem) plugins are installed into ~/.embulk/lib/gem by default, not ~/.embulk/jruby/2.3.0.

The install directory won’t change again per JRuby version upgrade.