Embulk v0.9 (actually v0.9.5), and next updates

(Copied from an old post in the embulk-announce mailing list.)

Hi Embulk users,

Sorry that we haven’t announced the release of v0.9 in the mailing list. v0.9.0 was released on Jan 30, 2018 (2 months ago) with almost the same with v0.9.0-BETA.

v0.9.5 has already been released then with some fixes and updates. v0.9.4 (Feb 14) looked stable enough from issues reported from users, and next v0.9.5 fixed some more minor issues, with removing the annoying banner about this mailing list. :)

It’s time to try v0.9.5!

Since later versions, we’re considering to upgrade dependency libraries used in embulk-core, for example, Jackson, Guava, msgpack-java, and else. We’re afraid some plugins may be impacted because dependencies of embulk-core are unfortunately leaked to plugins for the time being.

If you see any strange problems with later versions, such as ClassNotFoundException or LinkageError, please report that at: https://github.com/embulk/embulk/issues

(We’re also wondering if we could hide the dependencies from plugins, but that’d be a big change as well. It’s still under discussion.)

Thanks for using and/or contributing to Embulk.