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Developer guidelines

  • Guidelines for core developers (TBA)
  • Guidelines for plugin developers (TBA)

“Embulk v2”

The Embulk project plans a set of big updates in the Embulk core so that Embulk, its community and the eco-system keep sustainable. Backward compatibility in plugins and configurations is considered especially carefully. Other parts, for example command line options, may have some incompatibility. Join discussions if you have concerns or requests!

JFYI: “Embulk v2” is just a code name. The next versions will be still 0.?.

Summary for plugin developers


Design docs for core developers

  • Summary
    • Un-JRuby in the boot process
    • [TBD] Update plugin loading: non-Gem plugins, namespaces, and versions
    • [TBD] Un-JRuby in the plugin load process
    • [TBD] Provide better OAuth support in plugins
    • [TBD] Buffer in output plugins
    • [TBD] Structure documents: configs and errors
    • [TBD] Deliver errors and notifications more flexibly