Release 0.4.3


  • All subcommands show current time with timezone and embulk’s version number at the beginning.

Plugin API Changes

  • Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader() no longer returns JRuby’s classloader. It returns null so that dependent libraries fallback to appropriate this.getClass().getContextClassLoader() call.

Built-in plugins

  • guess/csv guesses escape and null_string options.
  • Fixed guess/csv fails if the csv file includes a timestamp value with timezone (@kinyuka++).
  • Fixed memory leak at output/file (@akirakw++).
  • Fixed input/file loads unnecessary files when it lists files from ..

General Changes

  • embulk-cli artifact is no longer released.
  • embulk-standards artifact doesn’t directly depend on dependencies of embulk-core.
  • Updated the build script.
    • bintrayUpload task uploads embulk-<version>.jar.
    • release task actually releases gem to RubyGems and publishes jar files to Bintray.

Release Date